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Community Café: Just Food

Muslim Run: 2012 A Critical Year

UCCRO: 2012 Collective Advocacy Strategy

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IMAN's 15th on December 15th
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IMAN on WBEZ Last Week
IMAN’s work “to turn corner stores into healthy assets,” through its Muslim Run: Campaign for Health, Wellness and Healing, was featured in a story – titled “Corner stores to become oases in food deserts?” that ran on WBEZ, Chicago’s local NPR station.


IMAN's Executive Director
1. Speaks Up: He was part of the cast for Howard Zinn's "The People Speak, Live!" with Matt Damon and Lupe Fiasco.

2. Speaks At: Harvard University on Dr. King Commemoration, and Brown University for the K. Brooke Anderson Lecture.

Upcoming Events

Food For Life: A Human Right
Saturday, March 24: 10a - 1p
IMAN and UIC present: Food Justice, Corner Stores & Race Relation in the "Hood."

CAIR Chicago: A Future Without Bigotry
8th Annual Banquet
Saturday, March 3: 6p
IMAN is a sponsor.

Orland Park Prayer Center: Annual Community Dinner
Saturday, March 10: 5:30p
IMAN's Executive Director will be the keynote speaker.


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An IMAN Update

Community Café: Just Food and Right On Time

By Su'ad Abdul-Khabeer - Member IMAN Arts Council

Community CafeIf you were like me, the days leading up to Saturday's Community Café had you riffing off hip hop legend Rakim's famous verse: it's been a long time, IMAN shouldn't have left us, without a Community Café to bless us… All praise due, Community Café: Just Food was not only well worth the wait, but right on time!

Indeed, there was something really timely about this Café, taking place not only during Black History month but during Savior's Day weekend, which commemorates the history of the Nation of Islam. Decades before plant-based diets became vogue, NOI leader, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, was teaching the people "How to eat to live." Yet, unlike in his time, our time is marked by a world food system dominated by corporate interests. So for us, it's not just a matter of being more conscious about what foods we choose, but we must also be concerned about where the food is coming from, how it's being grown, and if, after all the "grafting"  (a.k.a. genetic modifications), it can even be considered food at all!  And perhaps most tragically, far too many of us live with daily food insecurity and find ourselves asking: how can I even access the food I need in order to eat to live. To bring this point home, as a part of the evening's program select audience members were given stones to represent the twenty percent of Chicagoans who live, at this very moment, in food deserts–neighborhoods without grocery stores or other businesses where residents can access fresh fruit, vegetables and other real food options year-round." Read More

Muslim Run: 2012 A Critical Year

By Abed Moiduddin - Member Muslm Run Steering Committee

Muslim Run UpdateIMAN’s Muslim Run campaign is entering a critical phase in 2012.  For the past several years, IMAN has been working to raise awareness and promote the goals of the campaign to a larger audience, including IMAN supporters, partner organizations and community members.  Through that, the organization has been able to build a healthy degree of excitement around the potential to transform communities through an uplifted corner store model.  Additionally, the issue of food access and healthy eating is a trending topic in non-profit, governmental and policy circles, both in Chicago and nationally.  With all that momentum, leaders in the Muslim Run campaign are moving fast towards making 2012 a big year. Read More

UCCRO: 2012 Collective Advocacy Strategy

By Alia Bilal - Executive Associate IMAN

MLK DayOn February 28, staff from IMAN and four other Chicagoland organizations traveled to Springfield to gain support on several bills that advocate for the fair and equitable treatment of people from low-income communities of color. The bills constitute the 2012 Collective Advocacy Strategy platform of the United Congress of Community and Religious Organizations (UCCRO), an alliance of African American, Latino, Asian, Arab and Muslim organizations across the Chicagoland area that represents over 30 communities and districts. IMAN is a founding member of IMAN. Read More