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Meet the New Green ReEntry Crew

IMAN's Youth Getting Organized

Annual Dinner Spotlight

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Saturday, December 7th
Held at the historic South Shore Cultural Center, IMAN's 2013 Annual Fundraising Dinner will feature Dr. Tariq Ramadan and State Senator Patricia Van Pelt.
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CIOGC Annual Dinner Tomorrow!

As a member organization of the CIOGC, IMAN will be supporting the Council's Annual Dinner, tomorrow, Saturday, November 2, at the Westin O'Hare. Tickets can be purchased here: http://ciogc.eventbrite.com/

Jobs at IMAN

1. Clinic Business Operations Manager: Responsible for building the Clinic’s infrastructure and operational capacity. 2. Nurse Practitioner: Responsible for providing primary health care to patients of the IMAN Health Clinic. Manages a caseload of patients. 3. Strategic Communications Manager: Manages IMAN’s communications / outreach efforts to a wide variety of audiences. Read More and Apply here

Volunteer at IMAN

Volunteer Journalism Instructor: IMAN is seeking a passionate individual to develop a group of 13-15 youth leaders around the areas of critical thinking, journalism, editing, and social media. This part-time position is from March-June 2014. It requires the instructor to lead a 2 hour after- school session 2 days /week alongside a Marketing Instructor. Read More and Apply here

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An IMAN Update

Meet the New Green ReEntry Crew

By Dr. Rolanda West - Green ReEntry Consultant

Green ReentryIt's official! IMAN's new Green Reentry Crew has been selected, activated and is already making great strides in the Green Reentry Rehabilitation and Training program targeting foreclosed and vacant buildings in the community. We wanted to take a moment to introduce them to you, so you can remember them in your thoughts and prayers as they move towards the program goals over the next four months. Read More

IMAN's Youth Getting Organized!

By Farhana Arif - Organizing Fellow

IMAN YouthIn 2008, IMAN formally institutionalized the Youth Council as an organizing arm within the youth department. The Youth Council meets once a week and is comprised of 15 youth leaders who have been involved in at least one year of consistent programming. In addition to participating in regular programming, these leaders develop communication and leadership skills, learn more about basic organizing, and engage in dialogue around relevant social issues. Youth leaders will ultimately be responsible for communicating IMAN’s youth work to the public as well as the Executive Board. For the past two months, the youth department has been developing this year’s Youth Council. Read More

Annual Dinner Spotlight: Senator Patricia Van Pelt From Grassroots to State Senate

By Rami Nashashibi - Executive Director IMAN

Org Training (Along with the internationally acclaimed scholar Dr. Tariq Ramadan, IMAN is fortunate to have the passionate and inspiring State Senator Patricia Van Pelt open up our dinner this year.)

Before she became an Illinois State Senator with a promising and upward-bound political trajectory, she was simply known as our sister: a fellow community organizer, pastor and inspirational leader. Yet, she was always more than that and anyone who ever shared an organizing table with Patricia has experienced her tremendous visionary leadership style and presence.  It was Patricia’s leadership that led to the formation of major criminal justice reform coalitions like the Developing Justice Coalition, through which IMAN leaders worked tirelessly to successfully pass important legislation confronting the reality of what several years later civil rights lawyer and scholar Michelle Alexander would call “The New Jim Crow.”  Alexander acknowledges in her book that long before she coined the term to describe the phenomenon of mass-incarceration of non-violent and low-level felonies disproportionally affecting low-income black communities, organizers like Patricia had been making the case and fighting the fight for years. Read More