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IMAN Supporters: A Unique Community

Refreshing the ‘Hood during Ramadan

Community Café: Ya Lateef


IMAN staff and leaders will be participating in several sessions at the 51st ISNA Annual Convention from August 29 to 31 in Detroit:

Friday: 9:0011:00 PM
What’s Culture Got To Do With It?
Speakers: Su’ad Abdul Khabeer, Alex Kronemer, Zaid Shakir, Ali Newman (aka Brother Ali)

Saturday: 9:00
11:00 PM
Generation Rise: Elevating Muslim-American Culture
Speakers: Mohamed Magid, Najah Bazzy, Rami Nashashibi, Siraj Wihhaj, Sohaib Webb

Sunday: 12:00–3:00PM
American Muslim Health Professionals (AMHP)’s Networking Luncheon
Speakers: Lisa M. Carr, MSW, Associate Director at the U.S. Department of HHS and Dr. Rami Nashashibi

Sunday: 4:00
5:15 PM
Islamic Higher Education: Professionalizing Leadership, Service, and Activism
Speakers: Rami Nashashibi, Jihad Turk, Zaid Shakir, Feryal Salem

IMAN @ Mosque Cares Convention

IMAN staff and leaders will be participating in the 2014 Mosque Cares Annual Convention from  August 29 to 31 in Tinley Park, IL.

IMAN Programs

Each OneEach One Teach One: These monthly sessions are geared for young people to have a space of peace, develop relevant skills in a fun way, and get to know youth from other communities. Follow up with Shamar Hemphill for more info.

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An IMAN Update

IMAN Supporters: A Unique Community

By Alia Bilal – Manager of Donor Relations IMAN

Thank You!On behalf of IMAN’s staff, leaders, and board of directors, we want to thank the IMAN community in Chicago and across the country for helping us to meet and exceed our 2014 Ramadan Drive goal! We witnessed an outpouring of prayers and support from hundreds of people this month, from Virginia to California, Naperville to Marquette Park, and we are humbled and grateful for every dollar given and every du’a made. Part of what makes IMAN supporters unique is that they understand not only that they contribute their funds to this organization, but that they serve and are served by IMAN’s work. Read More

Refreshing the ‘Hood during Ramadan

By Shamar Hemphill – Youth & Organizing Director IMAN

Refresh The 'HoodDuring the month of Ramadan, IMAN’s staff and leaders are not only in a heightened state of reflection and fasting, but they are also very busy with our Muslim Run Campaign for Health, Wellness and Healing.  Every Ramadan, IMAN uses “Refresh the ‘Hood” as a campaign strategy to (1) engage residents around healthy living, (2) provide neighborhood corner stores with fresh organic produce, (3) heal the tensions between store owners and community residents, and (4) get residents involved with the campaign. Read More

Community Café: Ya Lateef

By IMAN Staff

CC Yusef Lateef was perhaps one of Detroit’s and America’s most legendary Jazz artists. Lateef, who passed away last December, was one of the most prominent American Muslim artists who profoundly transformed this uniquely American cultural expression. In recognition of this artistic giant and the city that he loved so much, IMAN is devoting the theme of our special Detroit CommUNITY Café—on Friday, August 29—to this legend and to this beautiful attribute of the Divine.  Al Lateef translates as The Most Gentle and is one of the names of the Divine. Read More